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When the student is ready
the teacher will appear.         




Often times there is a disconnect when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle;

we know what’s good for our bodies, but we make opposing food choices. 


My philosophy is to empower clients to

develop a positive relationship with food and eating behavior patterns.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN),

I provide evidence-based Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT),

which promotes the management and/or prevention of nutrition related diseases. 

MNT aims to mend the gap between knowing & doing,

by catering to each individual's unique medical diagnosis.  


I understand the very emotional energy charged around

negative food stresses ->

the cycle of fearful eating ->

negative body image ->

feeling stuck at uncomfortable weight.  

My desire is for clients to finally

feel freedom when becoming successful in achieving their

nutrition healing


nutrition wellness. 

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