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Nutrition for the New Moon April 2021

Planting seeds under the New Moon has been done since the times of ancient farmers. This lunation brings a freshness with the seasonal shift. During the April New Moon it is time to plant new seeds for starting to grow new intentions in hopes of manifesting your nutrition goals. Just like the seeds need sunlight and water to grow. Our bodies need nourishment and water. It is with daily maintenance and loving care that create a healthy life.

Writing down your intentions is a way to plant new seeds in hopes of manifesting your desires.

Here are some ideas to promote consuming Food As Medicine to ensure a daily intake of nourishing foods:

  • Create a weekly food shopping list.

  • Plan to start vegetable garden.

  • Look into joining a farm co-op.

  • Explore new recipes to make.

  • Find a pre-prepared meal ordering service.

  • Design a daily exercise schedule.

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